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Turn online research into an asset

Already familiar experience now in PDFs

  • Collect data, ideas, and references
  • Create a sharable and searchable system
  • Receive feedback and collaborate with your team
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Collaborate on research in any form

The best way to combine PDFs with online research

  • Collaborate on documents found online
  • Combine highlights from web pages and PDFs in a single Topic
  • Share your research with anyone and start collaborating
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content creator

“Collabwriting has been the biggest time saver for me as a podcast host because it's streamlined my guest research process. I've been sharing my notes effortlessly with the team which has helped me create blogs and other content to supplement the podcast interviews.”

Chris Cownden

Podcast Host


“I’ve tried an “infinite” number of web highlighters thus far - AI tools, classic tools, and the like. As a lawyer, I require reliable tools to gather information regardless of where I find it. I wholeheartedly recommend this tool for its efficiency, simplicity, and the promising features on its roadmap.”

Paul Dumbravanu


content marketing

“I was drowning in a sea of Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Notebooks and now I'm streamlining everything to Collabwriting and Notion. I save at least 2 hours a day.”

Alefiya Khorakiwala

Head of Marketing


“Shared the product with my content team. Looks like it can save them lots of time as they spend hours just trying to find the exact reference from a specific article.”

Gilad Uziely



“Providing full context is extremely important when giving feedback but there was no proper way.”

Jay Song


software development

“Gonna recommend Collabwriting to every accountant, lawyer, and government employee I know!”

Paolo De Giglio

CEO and Full Stack Software Developer

content marketing

“This app is amazing! It reduces feedback time to almost nothing. No screenshots, emails, or dozens of messages. Just go to any web page and start collaborating.”

Dragan Pantelic

Web Designer

creator economy

“My favorite thing about Collabwriting is how stupidly easy it is to use. I'm a copywriter so I use it literally every day for research and as a backlog of content ideas.”

Neda Pop-Andonov

Content Marketing Specialist


“Love how this extension has benefited my management of information online!”

Bojana Rakovic

Project assistant


“Just tried it out, and I am in love with your UIUX design! ”

Jing (Rebecca) Xu

Product Marketing Manager

product development

“I find it useful as Opera extension.”

Nermin Zejnilovic



“Really Loved this concept, It saved me a lot of time. Go for it!”

Sachin Shajan

Global Product Marketer

content marketing

“This is a really good extension. It greatly simplifies the process of online research.”

Meadow Simmons

Graphic Designer

market research

“Impressive! Helps you to transform your online research into insights.”

Goran Tintor

Founder, Marketer, Lecturer


“Love this!”

Gabe Moronta

Growth Marketer


“Amazing extension! Highly recommended!”

Ellie El


“I never realized a need for this until reading the product info and can see how our team can leverage it.”

Justin Johnson



“As someone who started a career as a content writer, l really love the product and its smooth user experience, so I'm constantly recommending it to my team of writers. And the Notion feature is amazing! Thumbs up!”

Srdjan Stojadinovic

Co - Founder


“The extension has made writing research papers extremely easy and made the whole process much more time efficient! It has helped with research papers and even copying code snippets that I’ll need for my programming labs. Such a useful and truly underrated extension!”


Productivity influencer


“This is exactly what I needed! Until now, I've been collecting notes in Google Drive documents, which wasn't ideal. It was time-consuming and difficult to find old notes. Collabwriting gives me structure and it's really simple to use.”

Andrea Todorova

Co-Founder & Marketing Specialist

Bring structure to your research

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