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Real-time Online Research

Autonomous agents search the web and can visit and read websites. When they find something of interest, they highlight that information with locatable snippets, and leave comments explaining why what they found is important.

Bring your own Documents

CSV, PDF, Docs, E-Books, Research Papers, Reports. Upload your unstructured data and let our agents do their job.

Understands Current Events

ChatGPT was only trained on data up to 2021. Research Agents read current news and track changes so your research is always relevant.

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  • Unlimited research topics
  • Priority agents
  • Bring your own Documents
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  • Collabwriting for Teams
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Already loved by early adopters

I took it for a spin, and I can only say that I love it!

It's very precise and the Copilot only surfaces information from relevant sources.

From the tests that I've done, it looks like a very powerful addition to Collabwriting.

Nik M. - Marketing Executive


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